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    I want to break free!

    Many violinists had asked themselves if it’s possible to make a change in their careers, breaking away from the path of classical music – the one imposed to us by the choice of instrument. Classical music is not everyone’s passion, even if we tend to start from there; however, it shouldn’t be the only style that string instruments perform. Myself in particular, I discovered that rock music moved me – that was after long, tedious and frustrating years of formation and performing in the world of classical music. Rock music was what I wanted to listen to, play and write – in other words: to devote my life as a musician. After making that hard decision, I started asking myself the critical questions: how do I start playing rock on the violin? How do I break away from the “string virtuoso” stereotype? You know the kind: those who cover rock songs, but they do it without really separating themselves from that classical music background (here’s an example of what I’m talking about).  How do you introduce the violin in a rock band as a lead instrument, and not just an arrangement in the background?
    Here’s what I did.

    playing rock on the violin
    I decided to start analyzing the great guitarists and their style of playing, the melodies performed by singers, and even groovy basslines. I understood that was the path to follow, and from there I could start the endless adventure of leading a rock band with my violin.

    After some time, and having talked to my violinist friends, I realized I’m not alone and that there are many others who are passionate about rock music. However, I noticed most of my colleagues don’t have the necessary tools to get started. This is why I decided to share what I’ve researched; and also, what I’ve learnt from the great guitar teachers I had through the first years of my adventure into the world of rock and roll.

    In the blog and the books, you’ll learn different exercises to work on the pentatonic scale, the base of blues and rock music. You’ll set your fingers and your mind free and improvise, like you never thought you could (even if you’ve never done anything but read sheet music). You’ll find sheet music to practise new tunes; or to perform with a string duet, trio or quartet. I’ll write about topics that’ll spark an interest: violin gear, great bands to check out, important technique tips to help you rock out, and much more!

    I hope you can enjoy as much as I do from playing rock on the violin, and blow everyone away with your new skills!

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